In the fight of good against evil
lines are sometimes blurred
a well-placed question …
      a soft-spoken lie …

Those who are desperate can be deceived, and find themselves fighting for the one who is about to destroy them.

But not all are so easily swayed. Against their own self-doubts they stand for the truth, no matter the cost. And though few stand with them, they will never back down.

Not for peace. Not for wealth.
Not for their lives.

a novel

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“Ms. Shockey lays before us an allegorical story that transcends the setting in which it takes place in society today. Hopefully, we can all glean some truths from ‘The King’s Measure.’ ”

—David Green,
Founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby

“Melissa Shockey has written a thought-provoking and allegorical tale which sparks contemplation and compels the attentive reader to action on behalf of those enslaved to the Prince of Darkness. An enjoyable and motivational read! Heart-examination of personal attitude toward the King of Kings guaranteed!”

—Bill Wilson,
Founder and Pastor of Metro World Child